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Described as the MR ROBOT of magic.


Tom London is an internationally recognised pioneer of creative storytelling and digital hacktivism.


The art form of using technology and magic to explain the complex, yet beautiful possibilities of VR, Drones, AI, IoT, Hacking and Robotics.

In his early 20’s Tom spent his time performing around the world, creating technology magic for companies such as Microsoft, IBM and Blizzard.


His America’s Got Talent performances and speeches have earned over 40 million views online, and he has toured over 30 countries to entertain and inspire various world leaders and celebrities at just 25 years of age.

His show, Inde Magica is the first magic performance to utilise the power of VIRTUAL REALITY. 


He welcomes a guest on stage to take part in a live magic act in a virtual world of illusion.

Entertained World Leaders

His show has been requested by four different presidents across the globe.

Over 40 Million Views Online

Tom’s performances have trended worldwide in over 25 countries

Toured Over 30 Countries

He’s performed his tech magic on behalf of brands in over 30 countries.

Activation For Samsung’s Note

Tom created a bespoke show to launch the new Samsung Note in Egypt

After Dinner Speech IBM

Tom wrote a talk about their Watson AI at the IoT conference in Abu Dhabi

Tag Heure Monoco Grand Prix

Hired to perform all weekend on the Tag Yacht and VIP box.

Microsoft Magician Of Choice

To launch Windows 10 and Microsoft Surface, in partnership with John Lewis.

Hired For Now You See Me 2

To recreate the magic of the film, live, for studio executives.

17/08 – Barcelona – Private Birthday Party

20/08 – Dubai – Corporate Show

07/09 – London – Investment Week Show

13/09 – London – The Gherkin

17/09 – London – Gartner

18/09 – Morocco – Panduit

19/09 – Morocco – Panduit

20/09 – Morocco – Panduit

21/09 – Morocco – Panduit

03/10 – London – The Gadget Show TV

09/10 – Madrid – Tech Conference

10/10 – Madrid – Tech Conference

11/10 – Madrid – Tech Conference

18/10 – London – Corporate

04/11 – London – WIRED Next Generations

07/11 – London – DatacenterDynamics Converged

08/11 – London – DatacenterDynamics Converged

23/11 – Ireland – Corporate Show

30/11 – Manchester – Awards Ceremony