Yeezy Season 5 Street Style NYFW

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I took to New York for Fashion Week and to see some friends. I love New York, it’s got this energy about it that London lacks, the constant hustle. While I don’t think New York is as genuine or raw as the creative energy in London, it’s an opportunity to connect, evolve and adapt in a different city.

I spent the next few days working, meeting people, sitting in Soho House writing script ideas for tricks, shows and events I want to carry out in the next year.

My dear friend Ryan suggested I hook up with a photographer he knows called Mike. We planned a late night shoot, around the corner from my apartment. I wanted to do some real street style.

We didn’t plan a location, I had this really mad idea of doing a paparazzi inspired shoot, after seeing the Yeezy Season 6 look book. If you’ve not seen it – it’s this.

Artistically, I loved the idea that fashion was functional, it wasn’t about walking a runway, it was about going for ice cream or getting a coffee.

I didn’t tell Mike that I had this planned in my head, I say planned, things just make sense on the spot for me.

We take to the street, I didn’t eat all day so that I would have a real sense of, I need to go get food right now.

I went for a $2 slice.



Top: Yeezy Season 5 Calabasas

Joggers: Yeezy Season 5 Calabasas

Jacket: Ragyard 1 of 1

Boots: Yeezy Season 5 Military Boot

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