Windows 10 Launch Event: London

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John Lewis got in touch regarding the Windows 10 Launch event at the top of their incredible Oxford Street store.

I had never performed using the Microsoft Surface Pro so when they requested I performed with one; I was immediately intrigued as to what I could achieve when programming it.

Most of my tablet magic requires me to program a custom application that will aid me in creating illusions. I usually do this on a customised basis for each event and build my illusions based on the client’s needs and spec however with the Windows 10 launch being such a big event; I decided to pitch them an all in a; original package.

I wanted to create some bespoke illusions using Internet Explorer, the John Lewis website and the Surface Stylus. This was no easy task, so I decided to build my very own Windows 10 program. It was kind of intensive; I even built all of the animations and transitions in Windows 10 so that it was the same as the real operating system.


I had incredible feedback from the event – including great testimonials from the Microsoft UK tech team who said they had no idea how I was performing these illusions on Windows 10. I think I made the UI so accurate that even they couldn’t tell it was a program running!

I wish I had more videos and footage of the illusions I created at this event – it was such an important show I didn’t think to capture the work I did for Microsoft, my number one priority was insuring that my illusions showed off the new features of Windows 10 and the top level management were entertained.

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