I love video games. In fact, most of my success in the magic industry has been a result of my love for video games. I have been playing games like World of Warcraft and Starcraft since I was 13 years old and it’s what inspired me to build my own video games. In teaching myself to program mobile games I also developed the skills to create customised iPad magic. So in my opinion, my career is really stems from my love of video games, developing them, programming them and ultimately now performing with them.


I love trying to push the boundaries of what is possible with my magic. That’s why I sat down with a friend of mine, Henri, and devised some unique illusions using one of my favourite iPad games made by Blizzard. Hearthstone:Heroes of Warcraft. I’ve been wanting to get out to BlizzCon for years now and almost did this year with my iPad magic. This gave me the idea of creating something cool just for fun as the majority of the custom work I do these days is for clients and isn’t particularly nerdy or at all related to gaming.

Going Viral on Facebook & Reddit

I decided to share the video with the /r/hearthstone reddit community. I am usually scared of sharing any kind of video on Reddit  because people really analyse the content and will notably reveal how the trick was done. To my shock, it hit the front page of the reddit within hours and was number 1 on the homepage. It got thousands of up votes and hundreds of comments. You can see a few above!

What’s awesome is in just one day, it had over 20,000 views on Facebook and over 300 likes. This is just an example about how my content can go viral on multiple platforms. It’s still getting a lot of attention on Facebook and I hope the next video I create will do even better.

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