Control Your Audience


  • OMG, you’re insane. You do what I’ve always wanted to be able to do, honestly mate.

    Liam PayneOne Direction
  • Okay that was actually really incredible, wow, how did you do that?

    Cara DelevingneModel/Actress
  • You're not leaving until you show me another trick, I don’t believe my eyes!

    Didier DrogbaChelsea Football
  • OMG no way! Stop!

    Lilly GhalichiShahs of Sunset
  • Okay wow, you're amazing, and not at all cheesy just amazing.

    Mark RonsonGrammy Winning Artist
  • Dude that was incredible, you're really good!

    Josh DuhamelActor
  • It's Magic!

    The Presidentof Portugal
  • I wasn't expecting that! You caught me by surprise that was so clever.

    Rachel StevensS Club 7
  • Haha, very good mate, very good.

    John TerryChelsea FC
  • Mate that was absolutely awesome, let's do a shot!

    Louis TomlinsonOne Direction
  • Oh for Gods sake Tom you have to be kidding me that's impossible.

    Jon SnowNews Reporter
  • Bullocks, did you see that? Brilliant, just unbelievable.

    Boris JohnsonForeign Sec
  • OMG! Tom you're amazing, best dressed magician i've ever seen ha!

    Little MixEx Factor
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Tom London’s live hacking performance puts the power in your hands. Imagine showing your guests any image, light sequence, app, video or interactive survey using magic.

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