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I was recently asked by Gemma Morris, host of the Sky News Tech Show, Swipe, to demonstrate some of my tech magic and iPad magic.

Gemma had asked me to bring a few of my tech magic tricks on the weekly Sky News Tech Show, Swipe.

I decided to show Gemma one of my new tricks. It involves me taking a selfie of us both and making it appear on her Twitter account.

Watch the video to see what happens.

It was great to talk about how technology is changing magic, offering a new perspective on creative story telling.

I believe, in the words of Arthur C Clarke, that any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. Thus, there is always a beauty in technology that can be explained using magic.

One of the elements of tech magic that excites me so much is the idea that the moment’s in-between technological advancements usually go by unexplained. No one can explain what Bluetooth is, how it works, or how it is a small progression from a simple radio wave generator using a simple coin and battery. Everyone knows what Bluetooth is.

It’s crazy, something used so often in today’s world, yet hardly anyone actually knows how incredible it is. How does your Bluetooth device know what other Bluetooth devices are in the room, how can it see them? How do you send gigabytes of vast data from one place to another? It’s happening through the air as if by magic.

To be honest, it is magic.

That’s what technology magic is about; it’s about slowing down the advancement of technology for just a moment so that we can all breathe, inhale the beauty that has come as a result of the significant technological advancements.

When I did this interview for Sky News, I didn’t think about the answer I was giving. Sure, I tell stories with technology in an entertaining way, and yes, I explain the magic of technology by performing actual magic.

However, when I think about it…

I study technology, I research innovations and hack apart gadgets so that I can manipulate them with code. I reflect on all of the small steps made, all of the tiny changes that have been refined into one product and I try to understand the magic they create.

For example, Bluetooth. It’s just radio waves, the simplest form of radio is a battery and a coin, that will emit radio waves. Expand that a little more and you have an AM radio, it’s incredible; you can send information from one place to another through the air. I couldn’t think of anything more beautiful.

Bluetooth is just the highest form of innovation available today, based on a very simple concept.

– Here’s the Facebook Live video I did for Sky News

I fill in these gaps with real magic, and the magic of technology to create emotional moments with people, moments that they can’t explain using technology. This creates a strong emotional bond in their mind, the time they discovered the real magic and the piece of technology that was intertwined with it in my performance.

To me, that’s what being a technology magician is about, it’s about finding the magic in the technology people don’t understand, don’t know about, look over at a seconds notice, and highlight it, explain it’s wonder with creative storytelling and real magic.

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