Now You See Me 2 Premiere

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ow you see me 2 has been the hit of the summer amongst the magic community. Killing the box office with it’s incredible cinematography and entertaining movie goers with the high level of magic wizardry performed on screen.

Tom was asked by the incredible Lionsgate movie studio to produce a one off, entirely bespoke show for the release of the film, to be shown to high level executives across the board at multiple movie studios. No easy task, building a show that would amaze guests who had likely seen the astonishing feats of magic performed on screen.

Tom was the most consummate professional yesterday during the presentation. He wowed 1500 people in the auditorium.They loved him. And it was so unique using digital devices. I still have no idea how he does his magic tricks. Incredible!
– Lionsgate

What Tom Created

Tom utilised his ‘Live Hack’ performance to engage all of the audience members in a way that has never seen before.

Guests were asked to go onto their smartphones and head to NYSM2.ES a branded website built by Tom for the event. This showed guests a movie poster for the film.

On Tom’s command, all 1500 phones held in the air by guests, began flashing black and white creating an awesome visual spectacle, picked up by the live event cameras.

Tom then snapped his fingers and all the devices blacked out, except for 5 devices. Those holding the devices were then asked to stand up and would play an important part in the show.

Tom then revealed a mass prediction, which had him revealing a video on stage of him and a team in London, unveiling his prediction in front of Big Ben and confirming his predictions with the audience members.

Later, Tom used his ‘Live Hack’ performance to select an audience member at random, this attendee then received a signed jacket from the cast of the film.

If you’re trying to give away a prize to one of your guests, have Tom use his Live Hack show to engage all of the guests through their smartphone with no required setup. He can then catch their eMail and even make them tweet your hashtag after the show!

Interactive Show

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