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I have recently been creating lots of bespoke iPad shows for clients and decided to get creative and make some short videos showcasing the kind of things that are possible with my iPad performances.

I was lucky enough to work for American Express not too long ago and put this trick together for them, which I performed at their corporate parties in central London.

Initially when I speak to clients regarding my services, they are unsure how a magician can help add value to an event. In my opinion, roaming entertainment is one of the best additions to any event, not only does it offer great value but it also adds dynamic interaction with your guests.

Why have a magician at your corporate event?

Typically, entertainment takes the form of a show, or performance, lasting for around 5-10 minutes. Even a band has a set time, no more than 30-60 minutes typically speaking. However, a magician, well that’s another thing entirely. I would perform anywhere from one 45 minute set, to four x 45 minute sets. Let’s say you have 200 guests, in a two hour period I would have performed 5-10 minutes shows for small groups, covering almost all of your guests.

All of your guests will get to stand around, in close proximity, and experience close-up iPad magic happening right in front of their eyes. The kind of magic that you would only be expected to see on TV shows like Dynamo: Magician Impossible and David Blaines show in the early 00’s.

How does this help at your event?

If almost all of the guests get to see a never seen before iPad magic show, they now have a talking point, a mutual experience they have shared which they can now discuss and question together. At networking events, this is vital, you create the area for people to mingle and network, having an iPad magician perform adds another level, you create a visual, emotional and never before seen talking point for guests to easily engage with one another.

Having an iPad magician at your event only amplifies this experience because Tom can completely customise his magic to include your brand and product. In this video example you can see how Tom uses his IPad magic to make American Express the focal point of his performance. At your event, imagine your guests talking about how the magician not only performed a never before seen technological magic, but also included the clients credit card.

Tom specialised in creating unique concepts, so get in touch with him to discuss how he can create a memorable performance for your guests at your next event.

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