Art Direction Catalyst [Internship]

Tom London is a leading disrupter in the tech space. Hacker, Magician, Video Game Developer and Artist, Tom creates a wide range of innovative content and delivers it to a global audience. We are currently seeking an artistic catalyst to aid in scaling and refining our social media, art direction and online formula.

🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♂️Who would benefit?

If you have a strong artistic direction, a love for technology and learning, and a thirst for originality then you will have the opportunity to learn first hand from an industry-leading speaker and creator. Tom has instructed rooms of 10 people, to 5,000,  about the future of technology and even how to make a flappy bird app in 20 minutes. If technology is a driving force in your creative direction this is where you will learn from a world-leading futurist and gain extensive knowledge and experience within the event horizon of technology.

He is often talking to C-Level execs at the largest tech companies on the planet or creating with leading fashion designers and brands, this is a great way to build contacts and understand the language of the modern creative space.

✍🏼Main duties

Your responsibilities will include:

  • Managing social media channels, editing and curating posts. Daily curation of images, content from Tom’s day, adding filters, effects and more. You will be trained to edit images and videos.
  • Attending tech/social events with Tom to create artistic content with him and brands.
  • Aiding in the artistic creation of robots, AI, drones, and building content around this.
  • Innovating the art direction of his website, online store.
  • Aiding in the creation of new art pieces for Tom’s collections and online store.

No coffee-runs… Tom loves a team coffee run!

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💻Skills & Experience

We are seeking an intern with an existing passion for creative direction, one that potentially moulds with tech and digital aesthetics. You don’t need programming knowledge, however, a solid comprehensive with modern tech tools will stand you out from the crowd.

Skills in Photoshop, 3D modelling, coding and After Effects will give you an advantage.

A solid understanding of Tom’s existing aesthetic and new, bold ideas to push this forward are welcomed.


Send a personal, authentic message our way with examples of your work, potential ideas of future aspirations for your growth along with why you would be the potassium permanganate to our hydrogen peroxide. Throw in some artistic inspirations too, favourite films, music, art, fashion… 😉

📍Location: Notting Hill, London, W2.

⌚️Hours: 20 hours per week.


Send applications to:   me [at]

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